Public ground Transportation at Malmo Airport

Malmo Sweden Public Transport

The efficiency and responsible attitude of Malmo Airport and their staff can be witnessed by their transportation services provided to both local and international passengers. The airport offers numerous options to travelers so they can visit the city and reach their destinations with ease.

Buses and Airport coaches

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches travel between the airport and stop at centrally located stops in Malmo and Lund. These Malmo airport shuttles and coaches are available right outside the terminal allowing you to travel to your desired destination without any wait. E- Tickets are available from the Flygbussarna Airport Coaches web site and the self service machines available in the terminals or the bus stop. Apart from this you can also take advantage of the SMS ticket or get one at the information desk at Malmo Airport. Payment by card is accepted.


If you are looking for a bus that can help you travel to Copenhagen, you can choose Neptunbus. This transfer bus is available for all Wizzair’s departures and arrivals. To use this bus you will need to book tickets in advance. If all of these buses don’t take you to your destination, you can always take the Malmo coach and get to the hub of train connections and continue your journey.


Taxis are directly available outside the terminal and if you pre book a taxi, they are allowed to pick up the passenger from the terminal by the domestic baggage claim. You can choose from the vast choice of taxi companies which suits your needs.

Malmo Airport Taxi

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while choosing to travel from taxi. While selecting a taxi, ask if the prices are fixed, if they are make sure that they are visible to you and are authentic. Make sure you get your receipt in case you face an issue or have to file any complaint. Most taxis have portable car reader so you can also make payments through card. Comparative charges are applied by all companies and make sure that you make your payments according to the system.

Rentable cars and car sharing is also available at Malmo airport and you can visit the city or go to any place you want, staying in control.


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